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M14 (M1A) Muzzle Adapter

ID# 3358206895712
  • Price: $196.00

The Delta P Design M14/M1A muzzle adapter addresses the need for a drop in solution for 5/8-24 thread mount capability on the M14/M1A family of rifles.

The original M14/M1A muzzle geometry is unique. It incorporates a flash hider and front sight base combination mount sturdy enough for bayonet work. However, until now, it has been without a straightforward solution for mounting other muzzle accessories.

The M14/M1A muzzle adapter by Delta P Design provides the following features:

  • Adapter shoulders on M14/M1A rifle's barrel muzzle shoulder.
  • Incorporates a front sight mount that accepts all standard M14/M1A front sights.
  • Interfaces with barrel longitudinal grooves. This allows the M14/M1A adapter to clock into the correct position for front sight use and does not rely on mounting torque to keep from loosening.
  • Allows use of factory castle (mounting) nut and factory castle nut tool to properly pull the adapter in contact with the barrel shoulder.
  • Incorporates a locking set screw designed to positively retain the castle nut and adapter.
  • Durable hardened stainless steel construction, with a proprietary heat-resistant oxide finish, allows the adapter to maintain its fit and appearance over time.
  • Thread specifications conform to major suppressor manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Provides a proper shoulder behind threads, ensuring accessory alignment and retention.

Designed as a true drop in conversion to 5/8-24 TPI threads for the mounting of muzzle accessories on the M14/M1A platform, this adapter does not require re-threading of your M14/M1A barrel or the use of thread locking adhesives to achieve its goal. In designing this adapter, special care has been given to maintaining bore alignment to the greatest possible degree given the geometry of the M14/M1A barrel.

This adapter does not use a casting or surplus flash hider as its starting point and is not the result of mating multiple parts to achieve its goal. This adapter uses the finest in design, billet materials, and construction to complement your M14/M1A rifle and muzzle accessories.

Our M14/M1A muzzle adapter is proudly made only in Oregon, USA.

M14/M1A Instruction manual M14/M1A Instruction manual (203 KB)

M14 (M1A) Muzzle Adapter
M14 (M1A) Muzzle AdapterM14 (M1A) Muzzle Adapter
M14 (M1A) Muzzle AdapterM14 (M1A) Muzzle Adapter

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