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BREVIS 6.5 Suppressor

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ID# DPD-B065-00
  • Price: $875.00

The BREVIS 6.5 mm sound suppressor is an answer to the need for a dedicated 6.5mm suppressor.  The BREVIS 6.5mm sound suppressor is at home on centerfire rifle cartridges up to the class of the .260 Remington.  The BREVIS 6.5mm centerfire rifle sound suppressor allows 6.5mm rifle users to gain appreciable sound reduction over the common expedient of using a 7.62mm suppressor with an adapter.  The BREVIS 6.5mm suppressor retains an overall length of 5.5 inches (140mm) and an added length to most applications of no more than 4.8 inches (120mm)!

The BREVIS 6.5mm suppressor is offered in 5/8-24 RH thread.  The 5/8-24 RH mounting scheme allows the BREVIS 6.5mm suppressor to be compatible with many 6.5mm platforms.  6.5mm factory upper assemblies and complete firearms with 5/8-24 muzzle threads may use the BREVIS 6.5 suppressor as a drop in option.  A 16" barrel upper with a  6.5 BREVIS sound suppressor installed has a shorter overall length than a 20" barrel upper with an A2 flash hider installed.  The center of mass of the BREVIS 6.5mm sound suppressor is a mere 2.5" (64mm) ahead of the thread shoulder of the host barrel.

The BREVIS 6.5mm suppressor offers a fully welded stainless steel assembly with a weight of only 20 ounces(540 grams).  The BREVIS 6.5mm suppressor offers a hardened inconel blast surface for long life and durability.  Symmetric internal geometry minimizes point of impact shift and light but durable welded construction minimizes change to the center of gravity of the host firearm. 3/4" / 19mm wrench flats (same as NATO A2 flash hider) allow the suppressor to be securely attached and easily removed.  Proprietary ThermaGard durable oxide finish is stable through extreme heat and maintains the value and appearance of your suppressor.


The BREVIS 6.5mm suppressor is offer with symmetric internal geometry to maximize cold bore repeatability and minimize point of impact shift.

Physical Data:
  • Overall length:         5.5 in  (9.7 cm)
  • Weight:                   20 oz. (540 g)
  • Diameter:                2.0 in. (140 mm)
  • Mounting thread:     5/8-24 UNEF RH 3B
  • Wrench flats:          19 mm (3/4")
  • Materials:                Select stainless and inconel alloys

BREVIS 6.5 Suppressor
BREVIS 6.5 Suppressor

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