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Delta P Design Rail Weights offer a modular approach to recoil mitigation. Delta P Design Rail Weights allow the user to quickly and securely add weight to a shooting platform in precise 1 lb. increments. This package includes five rail weights.

Rail Weights and the Muzzle Brake:

Recoil mitigation devices are a necessary part of many modern firearms. While the muzzle brake is an excellent recoil mitigation device, its utility is offset by its increased muzzle blast to the user, inability to be effectively used in conjunction with a sound or flash suppressor, and dust signature. Just as a muzzle brake exhibits it advantages in a man portable situation where very few shots are to be taken, the Rail Weight excels in semi fixed or non-man portable positions where many shots may be fired. If desired, the Rail Weights may be used in conjunction with the muzzle brake for maximum recoil mitigation. In additional, the Rail Weights quick removal and attachment time allow the Rail Weights to be easily added at the firing position, or swapped between different platforms during a shooting session.

Rail Weights and training:

Rail Weights may also be used to offset the reduced effectiveness of noise suppressors vs. the muzzle brake for recoil mitigation. Delta P Design Rail Weights allow the user to tune the host weapon recoil to the level they desire without affecting the user interface in the prone or bench positions. Rail Weights allow increased user focus on technique and shot placement by minimizing the recoil input associated with the shot. Those who must realistically train, may still use the recoil weights in training to replicate recoil mitigation from a removed muzzle brake. Shot counts may be met without the detrimental concussive effects of large caliber muzzle brakes to the shooter and observer.

Rail Weights applications:

The ability to call your own shots during a target session or stay on target through a shot when varmit hunting are reasons many users of Delta P Design Rail Weights add them to platforms typically perceived as low recoil: such as the AR-15. Pistols incorporating Picatinney compatible rail systems may also use the Rail Weights. The Rail Weights are designed to minimize rail area usage and interference with other rail mounted accessories.

Rail Weight Construction:

Rail Weights incorporate high tolerance interface lugs that mate securely with your Picatinney rail system. Unique camming design insures that the Rail Weights stay secure under the harshest recoil without damaging the mating surfaces of the picatinney rail. Delta P Design Rail Weights are manufactured entirely within the USA of selected steel alloys and are finished in a durable matte black heat resistant finish.

Rail Weight options:

The Rail Weights are available in 5 lb. sets or as individual units. Rail weight purchase price includes USPS priority mail shipping and tracking/delivery confirmation. Once you shoot with them, your Rail Weights always make it to the range.