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The Brevis II 7.62 Ultra brings a sub 10 oz. weight to a full function 7.62 x 51 suppressor. This suppressor is entirely a single piece of high strength heat treated titanium alloy coupled with a superalloy high nickel blast area. There are no welds, threaded connections, press fitments or other traditional modes of failure associated with suppressor construction.

As a muzzle mount suppressor, the ergonomic of the Brevis II 7.62 Ultra are without peer. An added length to the barrel of 4.9 in. and a dramatic reduction in cantilevered weight mean this suppressor may be installed and forgotten.

Recoil, flash, and sound reduction are excellent, with a unique deep, smooth tone to the report. As with all Brevis II suppressors, the application of symmetric internal geometry and discrete management of available volume minimize propellant turbulence upon the projectile.

The barrel may be maintained with the suppressor and most rifles will fit in the case with this short suppressor installed.

Consistency, extreme durability, compact envelope, outstanding performance, weight reduction have been combined in the Brevis II 7.62 Ultra. Let it readjust your perception of a 7.62 rifle suppressor.

Overall length 5.5 in (140 mm)
Weight 10 oz. (280 g)
Diameter 2.0 in. (51 mm)
Mounting Thread 5/8-24 UNEF RH 3B
Wrench Flats 3/4 in. (19 mm)
Materials Select Titanium & High Nickel Super Alloy
Coating High Temperature Ceramic