3/4-24 TO 5/8-24 (DTA) ADAPTER

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The 3/4-24 RH FEMALE -  5/8-24 RH MALE adapter allows the use standard 5/8-24 RH thread accessories on barrels factory threaded for 3/4-24 TPI.  This includes the popular DTA (Desert Tactical Arms)™* SRS (Stealth Recon Scout)™* rifle.  The rebated shoulder of the adapter allows for the convenient application of spanners to the adapted accessory. The adapter is made from premium precipitation hardened 17-4 stainless steel.  The adapter is provided with 7/8" wrench flats to allow it to be properly torqued**.

All geometry on the entire adapter is manufactured in a single operation in the in the hardened state to minimize any run out or tolerance issues.  The adapter is provided with an ultra hard salt bath nitride finish and laser engraved with the Delta P Design logo.  Every one of these adapters is proudly made in-house only in Oregon, USA.

This is not the least expensive or easiest way to make this part.  It is the right way.

As with all threaded connections, it is imperitive that all accessories be checked for proper bore alignment and compatibility by a qualified gunsmith or armorer before use.

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Bare weight of individual part: 1.7 oz / 49 grams.

*The DTA (Desert Tactical Arms)™ and SRS (Stealth Recon Scout)™ trademarks are used with the permission of Desert Tactical Arms.

**Be sure to consult with host platform and accessory manufacture for proper torque conditions and values.