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  • BREVIS II Family of Compact Rifle Suppressors - Now Available
  • BREVIS II - Overall Length as Short as 3.7 Inches
  • BREVIS II - NO Welds, NO Threaded Assemblies, NO Collection of Parts. The BREVIS II eliminates these modes of failure with a single monolithic part that comprises the most reliable suppressor...period.  Starting at $1,320

About Delta P Design™

At Delta P Design our products are designed to create new paradigms rather than just compete. By leapfrogging present technology where possible, we provide innovative product solutions.Delta P Design delivers next generation solutions that work. Our focus is centerfire rifle suppressors and support accessories.


The BREVIS II is a new line of suppressors that surpass existing technology in muzzle mount suppressors. The BREVIS II excels at weight, sound and flash reduction without a handling penalty in close quarters. With durability similar to barrel life, the BREVIS II is a true flash hider replacement that performs as part of the host system.

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